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The Heidelberg CD 102 has been one of Heidelberg’s great success stories and is now one of the great work-horses of the printing industry.  Its solid construction ensures a very long life and makes it very popular on the second-hand market where printers appreciate the durability and quality of used Heidelberg CD 102 presses.  

First introduced in 1987 and aimed at the carton market, this versatile double circumference press has been constantly updated and improved.  The CD 102 is still in production.  Originally running at 11,000 sph this was increased to 13,000 sph in 1990 and to 15,000 sph by the middle of the decade.  Second-hand Heidelberg 102 CD presses in all versions can be sourced through our website. These include used four colour CD102, five colour CD102 and six colour CD 102 presses.

Productivity has soared over the years with increasing automation.  Autoplate and improvements in the computer control systems ensured this, and in 2004 improvements to the feed and delivery systems - Preset Plus - allowed settings to be made off the press.

The Heidelberg CD 102’s double circumference impression cylinders and the triple diameter transfer drums make this an ideal carton press, allowing substrates of up to 1 mm to be accommodated, but the introduction of an air-assisted transfer system allows even the thinnest stocks to be printed.

The most popular configurations are presses, CD 102-5 and CD102-6, often equipped with coaters and extended deliveries (CD 102-5+L,  CD 102-5+LX,  CD102-6+L and CD102-6+LX).

We can offer all kinds of the machines. These are offered by reputable sellers from 5 continents.  These can be from 2 to 10 colours, and used CD 102 presses manufactured as long ago as the late 80s are still producing work of fine quality.


Max speed: up to 15,000 sph 

Max sheet size: 720 x 1,020mm

Min sheet size: 340x480mm

Min stock thickness: 0.03mm


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