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Following the huge success of the Heidelberg GTO range, the SM 52, introduced in 1995, was aimed to produce a higher quality press and to ease B3 printers into the market for larger Speedmaster presses.  Complete with Autoplate as an option and running at 15,000 sph it easily outclassed its older stable-mate, proving in many cases to be twice as productive.

Heidelberg eventually produced a full range of presses from 2 colour, 4 colour, 5 colour up to  10 colours SM 52 presses with both perfecting and coating, but since the appearance of the SX 52 it now produces only two colour and four colour SM 52 presses.  Second-hand and used SM 52 presses have long been popular internationally, thanks to the ease of operation and flexibility of the presses.

Over 30,000 units have been sold globally, often to the smaller printer, and they remain extremely sought-after in the second-hand market. Specification has changed regularly over the years, but Autoplate and automatic blanket and impression cylinder wash have always been available, with Prinect computer controls introduced in 2000 and the Anicolor system with anilox inking introduced in 2007.  High pile deliveries became an option after 2008.

Of sturdy construction and with a top speed of 15,000 an hour, used SM 52 presses can be an excellent investment for growing printers and is often bought in preference to new and used Ryobi 520, Komori L20 and Shinohara 52 presses.


Max speed 15,000 sph | Max sheet size 370x520mm | Sheet thickness 0.03–0.4mm


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